Sometimes I get to thinking of my dad. He left this world over forty years ago, a few months before man landed on the moon (yes they did — Uncle Walter said they did, so there). Most things that make society a joy (or a curse) had yet to be invented or if they were invented at that time, they weren’t yet passed around in *my* neighborhood. Computers, CDs, DVDs, Smarter-Than-You Phones, Microwave Ovens… the list, like a heartbeat, goes on and on. I wonder, what would Dad think of these things? Would he hold them tight to his breast or throw them against the wall with a great big raspberry? It makes me sad he didn’t live to see many of these wonders, and I often muse how they would have changed his life. Computers: He would have been a great friend on Facebook. As a jokester, he would have entertained (possibly) millions. As a grandfather, he would have proudly posted photos of grandsons he didn’t live to see. For these two reasons alone, I hope there *is* a Heaven and I dearly hope they have computers and high speed internet.

*Is* the world a better place with these fantastical (some say Evil Tools of Satan) devices? Or would we be better off if — like pathologically needy Tooter the Turtle (a 60’s cartoon character) — at our insistence, mind you — Mr. Wizard the Lizard suddenly transported us back to the Little House on the Prairie with only Pa’s fiddle to entertain us? Or would we, like the never-satisfied Tooter, cry out: “Help me, Mr. Wizard!” and force the old, wise Lizard to chant: “Drizzle, Drazzle, Drozzle, Drome, Time for THIS one to come home”?I wonder about such things. Sigh. I *try* not to let it keep me up at night.

So… Where would you ask Mr. Wizard the Lizard to send YOU?