Whew! Sorry I’m late… just had some words with a clown fish which caused me to flashback to some seriously frightful childhood issues. Left me twitchy. Clowns definitely don’t have a place on a calming coral reef. Don’t care that they’re supposedly cleaning dirty, filthy Sea Anemones. Clowns should only be let out in public with a warning sign strung around their neck: “Warning! Clown! Guard your Candy, Hopes & Dreams!” It was a frightening and deeply disturbing incident. Still twitchy, here.

Which leads us to Writing & Dreams. Have you ever borrowed from your dreams? Ever self-plagiarized your subconscious fears? I think of dreams as a pool of information and ideas that, perhaps, I’d not dip into in my wakeful hours. Myself, I write romance, comedy, horror and self-help (kidding). Many times I’ve incorporated various snippets of my dreams into my writing. One of my comedy novels came to me with the line: “I swear, I heard that mold burp. Have a care, Krael, don’t touch the walls! And for Great Gaytor’s sake, if you do, don’t suck your fingertips!” I literally woke laughing, prompting Sweet Thang to label me rude. Thankfully, my horror novels have not been as “verbal”. Yet.

So — come clean! Do you dream in images that find their way to your keyboard?